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Frequently Asked Questions

Red and black topping and steamvest Hilary's vanity clothingQ: “I’ve never ordered from Hilary’s Vanity before – can I be confident of the quality?”

At Hilary’s Vanity, we pride ourselves in using only the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards.  Once you have purchased and worn our products, you’ll know they are well-made with solid stitching. We also use heavier PVC than most other brands on the market. Please see our testimonial page to read what some of our customers have to say!



Q: “How do I order products from Hilary’s Vanity?”

You can place your order on-line through our automated and secure shopping cart. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). For your convenience, we also accept payment via PayPal.



Q: “What is the difference between PVC, Pleather, and Leather?”  

PVC has a very shiny, almost mirror like appearance. It is a manufactured fabric. Pleather is a type of synthetic fabric made of polyurethane film, is semi-shiny to non-shiny, and is an animal-friendly (vegetarian) alternative to leather. Leather is a high-quality animal skin material, supple, comfortable and durable. Hilary’s Vanity fine leather products use a variety of Napa leathers and Textured leathers.



Q: “What’s the difference between Napa leather and Textured leather?”

Our Napa leather looks and feels smooth and soft. The Textured leather, while also soft, has a more pronounced grain, giving the appearance of a subtle pattern in the surface of the fabric.



Q: “How do I clean my leather products?”

Use a good quality leather cleaning conditioner: If you plan on having your garment professionally cleaned make use the dry cleaner specializes in leather cleaning for the best results.



Q: “How should I care for my vinyl stuff?”
Never wash vinyl in a washing machine or dry it in a clothes dryer. The safest method to clean vinyl clothing and accessories is to wipe them clean with a damp cloth and hang them up to dry use a mild detergent and a damp washcloth. Of course, always test a small area before using detergent on the garment. Never leave your vinyl clothing in a closed car in extreme heat, the vinyl will be ruined.

Q: “ How should I care for my pleather items?”
Pleather can be hand washed, but always check the label beforehand. A simple and safe method to clean pleather is to surface wash it with a mild detergent and a damp washcloth. Hang it to air dry. Of course, always test a small area before using detergent on the garment.



Q: “What is the difference between velvet and velveteen?”

The velvet we use is a stretch velvet (similar to velour). It has a deeper pile than the velveteen, offering a more plush appearance.  Our velveteen is a polyester based, shorter pile fabric with less give (stretch) than the velvet.



Q: “What’s the difference between a corset, a waist cincher and a bodice?”
Our corsets have solid steel boning and come above the bust line and are usually worn as a fashion top. A waist cincher is a type of corset and begins just below the bust line and ends just below the waist line with solid steel boning. A bodice is a fashion top that may also have boning but does not have the cinching ability of a corset or waist cincher.

Q: “What do I wear a waist cincher with?”

Waist cinchers can be worn over almost anything, looks great over a tank top or a blouse. Wear with a dress, skirt or pants for a more pronounced feminine shape to your outfit.  It can also be worn alone for as an intimate piece of apparel.


Q: “How do I know what size waist cincher or corset  I wear?”
A corset is sized unlike any other women’s top, it is based on you waist measurement. If you regularly wear a corset and know that you can cinch your waist by more than 4", please order the appropriate size. Otherwise we recommend 4" down for waist reduction, also take into consideration how wide you want the gap in the back to be. All of our corsets and waist cinchers have privacy panels. There is no right or wrong it is personal preference. Please feel free to email us with any questions.



Q: “Can’t I just wash something that is marked Dry Clean Only if I’m really careful?”
No. Following the care instructions on the label keeps your garment wearable! There's a good chance it will be damaged or disintegrate in the washing machine!



Q: “I’ve seen Hilary’s Vanity at Conventions clubs and events in the past, but the merchandise on the website is different than what I’ve seen in person – why?”

Not all of our products are on-line. If you’ve seen something you liked at our convention, club and event booth that’s not on our website, please feel free to contact us.  If we have it in stock, we can arrange for immediate delivery. If it is currently out of stock we’ll be happy to order it for you (subject to product availability).


Q: “Can I ship to a Post Office Box?”

Yes we Can.


Q: “Do you ship overseas?”

Yes, we ship world-wide. Please see our “Shipping Policies” for more detailed information on delivery times and prices. Please be aware shipping costs and times are higher outside the continental US.



Q: “Are my on-line purchases from Hilary’s Vanity taxed?”

Hilary’s Vanity LLC is located in the State of California. Yes, sales tax is calculated according to the state and county tax laws to which the order is being shipped within that state. At this time orders shipped outside the state of California are not taxed. Subject to applicable laws – so it may change.



Q: “Can I backorder an item that is currently unavailable?”
In the event of a backorder, you will be emailed or called and given a choice of choosing another item, waiting for the item to come in, or store credit or a refund. If you chuse to wait till it comes back in stock and you want to know the status of your backorder at any time, please email us. Include the item name, description and order number. We will let you know when it's coming back in!



Q: “Is my privacy protected in doing business with you?”

Any and all the information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential and not used in any way other than by Hilary’s Vanity in the normal pursuit of its business practices. We do not furnish or sell our customer list to any outside companies or use any commercial mailing list processors. We do not require any information from customers other than what is necessary to complete our business transaction in a legal and secure manner. If you detect a failure in our system or have a suggestion for improving it, please contact us immediately.


Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?”
If you've forgotten your password, click to the Membership area. You'll be able to enter your E-mail address and receive a password reminder. If you've forgotten your username or still cannot remember your password, click here and enter your registered E-mail address into the "Forget Username Or Password?" form field. We will send you an E-mail with your username and password.


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